Package Guard’s Cyber Monday Gift Guide Roundup

Wrapped Christmas gifts


It’s the biggest online shopping day of the year! Items ordered today will be shipped and delivered to someones home and we want to make sure those packages are safe from Grinches trying to steal Christmas. Besides worrying about making sure your packages are delivered and safe, you also have to try to figure out what gifts you’re going to get people. We all know that person who’s impossible to shop for. Well, we’re here to help pick the perfect gift *and* help keep it safe. We’ve spent hours scouring the internet looking for good holiday wish lists. Here’s the best we found. Check them out:

  1. For a 100 item list for the dads in your life:
  2. Good Housekeeping gives us a list of items for moms:
  3. Gifts for him according to Elle:
  4. And Woman’s Day’s list for her:
  5. Glamour magazine helps us out our fashionista friends:
  6. Got techie friends to buy for?
  7. Gift advisor gives us this list of more than 100 ideas for gifts (mostly ironic) for hipsters:
  8. What about the gift of music? Business insider suggests:
  9. REI, of course, has a great guide for gifts for anyone in the family:
  10. Here’s a list from Forbes of gifts for travelers:
  11. What about gifts for the kids? It’s gotta be fun and educational:
  12. And since the holidays are a prime time for foodies, Delish gives us this list of food gifts from each state:

Of course, we have to end by plugging what we think might be the greatest gift of all: The Package Guard. More than likely, you’ll be doing some of your holiday shopping online this year, and unless you’re buying subscriptions, you’ll probably be having something shipped to you. That means that package theft is a concern. We want to make sure that no porch pirates ruin your holiday, so check out The Package Guard, and take some extra precautions to keep your packages safe and secure! Happy Holidays!



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