How the Package Guard Idea was Created

Having a package delivered should not leave consumers feeling fearful, anxious or worried that it will be stolen. In a marketplace where delivery is becoming the preferred choice for buying products, the consumer needs to know their purchase is protected. Package Guard is protecting the convenience of online shopping.

The Package Guard team is located in Seattle, WA. The idea was created by founder Michael Grabham, after a box of coats for his non profit, Survive the Streets, was stolen from his front porch. In honor of that we do, and always will, give $1 to Survive the Streets for each Package Guard is sold. After the theft, Mike started looking for ways to protect his packages and found no simple solution. An idea was created, and over the last 2 years the Package Guard (patented) was born. We pride ourselves on providing the most accurate, real-time delivery alerts to bring you peace of mind about your deliveries. Beyond that, our invite-only Safe Circle app brings neighbors together to lower the barriers of helping each other out. And lastly. we protect your packages before you or a trusted friend or neighbor can pick it up with a loud alarm to deter porch pirates. This is why it is our mission to give you peace of mind over your deliveries, and prevent what happened to Mike from happening to you.

By arming neighbors with real-time alerts and a way to stay connected, we are helping communities show porch pirates that they are not welcome. All while making it easier to stay on top of your deliveries with the guaranteed delivery alerts.

Our mission is simple, “Reduce crime in neighborhoods by stopping people from stealing items from your porch.”[/vc_column_text]

The Team

Michael Grabham

Michael Grabham is a five-time founder and active member of the Seattle Startup community. In addition, he hosts Startup Grind and Start IT Seattle on KING 5.  He is a “product and revenue guy” who loves to build both teams and products. He is in constant pursuit of a deep understanding of the customer so he can deliver a great experience. He has been successful, failed and done all things in between. He has lived in Seattle since 1998 and enjoys meeting strangers and sharing a great glass of wine. He is a Pittsburgh Steeler’s fan and enjoys riding his bicycle in the farmlands of Walla Walla. Most of all he is a “glass 3/4 full” type of guy who knows how to laugh and get things done simultaneously. Cheers!