Package Theft Crime Statistics

We are constantly adding new package thefts to this map to show how neighborhoods are being affected by package thieves. We do this so we know where to put more resources to protect against this easy crime. Package theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in American neighborhoods and shows no signs of slowing down. It is hard for police to follow up on all of them and many times the crime doesn’t get reported to police. Therefore we have to help each other in our communities to fight against the growing crime. We believe our Package Guard can help but we still need the help of others with products designed to slow down the thieves.

We have also gathered statistics and facts from several sources to give you a comprehensive look at how the crime is affecting consumers in the US. You can access that fact sheet here.  Did you know that 33% of consumers are concerned about package theft in their neighborhood.

Also a great study done by ADT highlights the states and areas with high and low crime rates and even interviews some criminals.

A great News article published by CNBC in Jan 2020 on the effects of Package Theft on consumers.

Here are updated statistics on the growth of package deliveries by Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index.

A very interesting article about the value of catching package thieves and others by Ring Doorbell and thier partnership with local Police Departments.

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