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Although we were not mentioned in this CNBC new article, it is the best news piece we have seen so far talking about the effects of Package Theft. CNBC solutions for Package Theft

We were featured on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda as the one of the best holiday gift gadgets in 2017, watch Today Show segment

“With more deliveries this year than ever before, smart technology ensuring those precious gifts make it into the right hands.” watch NBC Nightly News on Nov 28, 2016

“The idea of this invention is to get somebody who’s going to steal something to think twice at your porch.”
Gary Horcher, watch KIRO7 Seattle on Nov 29, 2016 (also March 2016)

“I give this a thumbs up, this product is a clever idea that will help.”
Bart Morz, listen eCommerce Minute podcast by SUMOHeavy

“A Frisbee sized disc that might look low-tech, but it’s actually a connected package portal that sends an alert to your phone whenever a delivery arrives at your door.” Jennifer Jolly, watch USA Today on October 9, 2016

“While iBin costs about $400, 10News also found a cheaper alternative in the Package Guard, a Frisbee-shaped device that costs about $69″. Kandiss Crone, watch ABC10 News San Diego on Nov 23, 2016

“My favorite is Package Guard, a Frisbee-sized disk that you secure on your porch.” John Ninfo, see on Beware the Porch Pirates, Daily Messenger on June 27, 2017

“Try Package Guard – this Frisbee-shaped device with the words “Place Package Here” written on top is designed to be put near your front door.” watch  Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Packages From Being Stolen” by Brian New, CBS Local Dallas Fort Worth, Dec 6, 2016

Tired of getting your Amazon packages stolen from the front porch? A Seattle-area entrepreneur may have a simple solution — one that may send the crooks running away, fast.” read Madeline Vuong, Geekwire on March 8, 2016[/vc_column_text]

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