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Troubleshooting Amazon Alexa [4 Top Issues]

Amazon’s smart speakers, including Tap, Dot, and Echo, are really incredible feats of technological achievement. It’s like the computer in Star Trek. Just ask your question and it’s answered. Alexa, Amazon’s AI doing the heavy lifting of these devices, can even tell jokes, control other smart devices in your home …


Moms ❤ The Package Guard

Being a new mom isn’t easy, but thankfully, home deliveries are saving time and sanity. One mom we asked explains, that she only survives with strategic multitasking. “When the baby’s asleep, I order groceries online via Safeway, dinner online via Blue Apron, baby supplies, gifts, household items, etc. And by …


Package Guard’s Cyber Monday Gift Guide Roundup

  It’s the biggest online shopping day of the year! Items ordered today will be shipped and delivered to someones home and we want to make sure those packages are safe from Grinches trying to steal Christmas. Besides worrying about making sure your packages are delivered and safe, you also …


Five Things that make you a Target for Thieves

1. Regular Deliveries Do you get a lot of packages delivered to your house? Are they often left out and visible? This might make you an inviting target for porch pirates and burglars who are casing the area. Not only do regular deliveries increase the likelihood that a package is …