Package Thieves Caught On Camera By Home Security Cameras?

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Porch Pirates are everywhere. Unlike the typical pirates of old, these rogues don’t sail the high seas in search of treasure. Instead, they cruise your neighborhoods, looting the packages left in front of your house. They aren’t very bright. And to illustrate that, here are some thieves that got caught on camera.

Ding Dong, The Doorbell Dummy Is Here.

A porch pirate in Tracy, California tried to steal a doorbell camera after taking a package from a porch. He helps himself to the home delivery, then notices the Doorbell camera. He tries to pry the camera off the wall than gives up and heads back to his waiting car. The problem for him is that the camera already got a good look at his face. Even if he had pried the camera off, his image was safely stored in the cloud.

Who Needs A Nanny Cam When You Have A Nanny?

This package thief must have felt like she hit rock bottom when this Washington State nanny chased and apprehended him. The 29-year-old female porch pirate was in the process of stealing a package and headed back to her getaway car when a nanny comes out of the house and chases after her. As the car drives away, the thief falls. So the nanny grabs the criminal back to the house and calls the police.

Never Steal From A Marine

Former Marine Joseph Lignal had a valuable package stolen, so he set a trap, packaging up a bunch of frozen broccolli in a box to make it look like a choice delivery that the thief could not pass up. Soon enough, a woman showed up and took the bait. As she left, the marine followed. The woman ran, but police eventually caught her. Imagine getting caught stealing frozen broccoli.

Package Thief Breaks A Leg

This package thief experienced some Instant Karma when she picked up a package and started running back to her waiting getaway car. The problem is that she slipped on the grass and broke her leg. Her getaway driver comes to the rescue and carries her to the car, then goes back to get the packages. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer gal.

Porch Pirate Parenting In Action

Package thieves steal your sense of security, but this video will also break your heart. This surveillance footage shows a young child getting out of a car and grabbing a box from someone’s porch. I guess their scams are so profitable that they have to train them young. What kind of sickos would make their child steal? The victims believe that the parents were following the delivery truck and then striking. This is just sad.
Package Thieves are out there in greater numbers than you realize. And they are always ready to strike. We go to great lengths to protect the things inside of our home by installing home security systems and the packages on our doorstep should be no different. The criminals shown here should be a good reminder to protect your deliveries. You can learn more about home security systems here to secure the inside of your home.



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