Five Things that make you a Target for Thieves

Three darts in center target

1. Regular Deliveries

Do you get a lot of packages delivered to your house? Are they often left out and visible? This might make you an inviting target for porch pirates and burglars who are casing the area. Not only do regular deliveries increase the likelihood that a package is there for a thief to steal, but it also could signal that you also have valuables inside

2. Exposed porches set back from the road

Theft requires an opportunity that’s bigger than the potential risk. Even thieves consider the economics of their work. Exposed porches are a target because if your porch is hidden, it’s harder for a potential porch pirate to know if there’s anything there worth stealing. However, on the other side, porches that are right on the road might be worse targets because there’s a greater chance that the thief would be seen by neighbors or people driving by.

3. Vacant-looking house

It’s kind of a no-brainer that a house that doesn’t look watched will be more attractive to thieves. Burglars often will cruise neighborhoods looking for vacant looking houses as targets. One trick on this one is that houses don’t have to be dark to look vacant. Even if you set up lights on timers, if the mail stacks up and there’s no other activity, your place can still be a prime target for burglars.

4. Large, visible packages and other easily-stolen valuables

Large, visible packages are a bigger target because they’re more likely to be valuable. While it might be harder to steal them, the payoff of walking away with a bicycle or a big screen TV or some other large package is much greater than a small box of clothes. Also, if you have valuables that look easily accessible, your home becomes a target. A laptop sitting next to an open window is a matter of a few seconds to steal, and the reward is pretty high. 

5. Houses in residential and suburban areas

Just living in a residential or suburban area makes you a greater target for theft. First, in the suburbs, porches are usually further off the road, and the population density is lower. With fewer people around watching, it’s easier for burglars to get in. Imagine trying to break into an apartment. Not only is there often a building door and then an apartment door to get through, and sometime even a concierge, but also there’s frequently other residents around who will be more likely to notice suspicious activity.



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