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Baby sleeping. Shhhh....

Being a new mom isn’t easy, but thankfully, home deliveries are saving time and sanity. One mom we asked explains, that she only survives with strategic multitasking. “When the baby’s asleep, I order groceries online via Safeway, dinner online via Blue Apron, baby supplies, gifts, household items, etc. And by the way, should someone or something wake that baby (like a doorbell, persay), watch out!”

Shhh Baby Sleeping Sign

As technologies get smarter and more accessible, they can do more to save our sanity and make things easier – especially for busy families. For instance, Kate here at Package Guard told us, “the fact that I can tell Alexa to do things like make a grocery list and to order items without having to touch a device is such a huge help!” Other devices like the video doorbell allow you to see who’s at the door without having to run to answer it—particularly if it’s solicitors—and you can set the doorbell to alert your phone instead of ringing across the house waking the baby (an alternative to the sign: “Don’t ring the doorbell, baby sleeping”). Just like the washing machine and microwave, these new devices are making life easier around the home. Or put more plainly: “Anything that is automated or hands free is amazing! Seriously, give me all the devices!”

Well, as part of the IoT movement, we’re doing our part, and we think the Package Guard is particularly helpful for moms who are increasingly taking advantage of the various delivery services including Amazon Fresh, Costco Deliveries, and even restaurant deliveries. It seems like most stores are offering this service and for pretty minimal fees. Seriously, comparing a $14.99/month charge from Amazon for unlimited deliveries to having to get the baby ready, load up the car, spend time in the store, get back home, it’s really not hard to see why these services are becoming so popular. All these deliveries are great for convenience, but they do create a bigger opportunity for porch pirates to strike. This is a bigger problem for moms because the deliveries are even more important. If a package with new books or even a laptop gets stolen it’s maybe an inconvenience, and definitely a bummer, but “baby supplies are very important. Especially things like medication and formula,” says one mom. If you’re taking advantage of the convenience of delivery services and have baby supplies stolen, it’s a huge problem. This doesn’t mean you should avoid deliveries. Not at all. This is where the Package Guard comes in.

First, Package Guard alerts you when the package has been delivered. This means you can keep that “don’t wake the baby” sign on your doorbell without having to worry about missing a package. Plus, if it’s a perishable grocery delivery, you can go get it right away, or if it’s not something that needs to get into the fridge, you’ll know it’s been delivered and can wait. In the meantime, you can rest easy knowing the Package Guard will act as a brilliant deterrent to porch pirates until you have a moment to collect it.  Here’s a full summary of how it works. 

It isn’t easy being a mom. It’s a lot of work and a lot of attention. Connected and hands-free devices are making things easier, and we think the Package Guard is really helpful. Not only is it valuable in its own right to protect your deliveries and deter package theft, but by making it safer to have stuff delivered to you, the Package Guard is making it easier to use the myriad of other IoT devices confidently knowing that when you ask Alexa to schedule a delivery for your groceries from Amazon Fresh, it will arrive safely and be secure until you can collect it. In other words, from us here who are moms to you, “we hope to get one soon! The Package Guard’s alerts will change our lives!”



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