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Why Package Alerts are Awesome

In his famed experiments, Ivan Pavlov trained his dogs to associate mealtime with the ring of a bell. Over time, Pavlov found he could elicit an involuntary physical response in his dogs with a simple jingle. Every time his bell rang, the dogs, anticipating a tasty meal, began to salivate. …


The Past and Present of Home Security

Home Security is a concern for all people–the need to preserve life and as much comfort as possible. That concern for security quickly extends to property, and the notion of home security is nothing new. We might consider it starting when humans began to stay in relatively fixed “homes” and …


Troubleshooting Amazon Alexa [4 Top Issues]

Amazon’s smart speakers, including Tap, Dot, and Echo, are really incredible feats of technological achievement. It’s like the computer in Star Trek. Just ask your question and it’s answered. Alexa, Amazon’s AI doing the heavy lifting of these devices, can even tell jokes, control other smart devices in your home …


How to Tell if You Need a New WiFi Router

Picture this: You just opened your new smart device.  Let’s say it’s a fancy smart speaker. You’re excited to unpack it, connect it, and start using it, but when you plug it in and sync it: nothing happens. You check the power; it’s good. You disconnect and then reconnect and still …


Are you better than Indiana Jones?

If you’ve ever had a package stolen (which 11 million Americans have in the last 12 months), then you understand the frustration and disappointment of coming home from a long day at the office and coming up to your porch to see that your package is missing. Of course, you …


Moms ❤ The Package Guard

Being a new mom isn’t easy, but thankfully, home deliveries are saving time and sanity. One mom we asked explains, that she only survives with strategic multitasking. “When the baby’s asleep, I order groceries online via Safeway, dinner online via Blue Apron, baby supplies, gifts, household items, etc. And by …