How to Tell if You Need a New WiFi Router


Picture this:

You just opened your new smart device.  Let’s say it’s a fancy smart speaker. You’re excited to unpack it, connect it, and start using it, but when you plug it in and sync it: nothing happens. You check the power; it’s good. You disconnect and then reconnect and still nothing. So what’s the problem?!

If you pay for the highest internet speed available, and your devices are still not functioning properly, then you may need to buy a new router that’s built for your home’s technology.

Here’s a simple checklist you can follow to tell if you need to upgrade your wifi router.

Step 1:

Fetch your router and look at the bottom or side for the make and model. 


How to find the model and serial number of your router

Step 2:

Google the make and model and find information about how many devices it’s optimized for.


Router support box online

Standard home technology these days can include laptops, phones, Blue Ray Players, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Watch, virtual reality, game consoles, and any number of other smart home devices. All those devices can be connected to a single router at any given time. Nine times out of 10, the router can’t handle more than a few devices (like a single phone + laptop) at once. 

Step 3:

Go buy a new router if you’re experiencing any issues. Here’s a link to a few of the best routers our friends at CNET recommend. (Best Overall –> Synology RT2600ac)

Synology RT2600ac


We’re living in the future where everything is connected and accessible, and the Package Guard is another member of the internet of things. This brave new world is pretty rad. We can monitor our homes, program our environments, and connect to an almost-endless body of knowledge with a few magic words (“Okay Google”, “Alexa”, etc.). Just make sure your equipment is up to date and ready to support all this new technology as it becomes available.



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