Top 5 Holiday Home Security Tips

Home security tips

Happy holidays from us at the Package Guard! We hope that you have a safe and festive season, and to help make sure it’s a secure one, we’ve put together some helpful home security tips.

  1. BE AWARE: There’s often a spike in property crimes like theft and burglary just before the winter holidays. This is likely because there are many packages around and people have a lot of new stuff. This makes it enticing for a would-be thief. While you can’t let security concerns get in the way of holiday festivities, the first tip we have is to be aware of the increased risk this time of year.
  2. CLEAR VIEW: Keep your driveways and walks cleared of snow. We’re based here in Seattle where this tip doesn’t apply as much…except maybe those rare occasions we get a dusting. This is a great tip for a few reasons. First, by keeping the walkways clear, you’ll avoid slips, falls, and the injuries that can result. Trust us, your mail carrier will thank you! Second, a clear driveway and sidewalk make your home look occupied and less of a target for theft. So, sure, shoveling snow is a chore, but it can make a difference.
  3. KEEP THE LIGHTS ON: Lights, lights, lights! It’s a tradition, it’s fun, and wouldn’t seem like the season without them. If you put up lights, make sure you’re careful on the ladder and that your lights won’t overload the circuit. For home security, lights can be both a blessing and a curse. All the lights make for fewer shadows to hide in, and in general a well-lit neighborhood is less a target for theft. At the same time, almost as traditional as holiday lights is visiting them. Holiday lights, especially if your neighborhood has a lot of them, can attract visitors and traffic. Since package theft needs an opportunity, this increased traffic increases the opportunity. So have fun with the lights, just maybe make sure that you keep a closer eye on your packages (we’d suggest using the Package Guard).
  4. PROTECT YOUR DELIVERIES: Chances are good that you’ll be buying something online this year and having it shipped to your house, and why not! There’s some amazing deals out there. With all those packages showing up, the time is perfect for porch pirates to ruin your day. Here are some great ways you can keep your packages safe this season.
  5. WATCH WHILE YOU’RE AWAY: While some of us prefer to stay at home for the holidays and avoid the trials of holiday travel, some of us will be traveling. If that’s the case, there’s some great products like video doorbells that can help you watch your house while you’re away, or even better, ask a friend or trusted neighbor to watch the place. This way, instead of worrying about what’s happening at home, you can put your attention where it should be, on your friends, family, and loved ones.

Happy holidays from all of us here at Package Guard. We hope that your season is filled with joy and happiness however you celebrate it!



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