Tips on using Social Media for Neighborhood Safety

Be social with your neighbors

One of the easiest (and free) tricks to keeping your home secure and your packages safe is to be connected with your neighborhood, community, and neighbors. So, how do you do that? Social media is not a bad way to keep in touch, and platforms like Facebook and Nextdoor are particularly useful because they let you make groups and connect with individuals.

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Connecting Online & Offline

Many groups on Facebook are based on shared interests. These are great to meet people locally who are into what you’re into. There are also groups based on neighborhoods and communities. This is great because it combines the local-ness of a neighborhood community with the convenience of online communication. You can actually go shake hands with people in the group and meet them in the “real world.” On closed and private groups like Nextdoor, you can also send a quick message to the group saying you’ve got a package coming, and could someone keep their eyes out for the delivery guy. It’s great!

Big Community Facebook Groups in Seattle

Small Neighborhood Groups on Facebook

Most of the more local groups are smaller and are closed to non-members. These groups might be defined by a few streets or an intersection. If you’re concerned about security, then a small, tight-knit community might be the best bet. People are generally close enough to look after your house, and the community is small enough that real bonds of trust can be established. So, if your neighborhood doesn’t have a presence on Facebook or social media, why don’t you start one? It’s easy, and the benefits are huge. It’s as easy as clicking “Create a Group” on Facebook and following the instructions selecting the parameters that work for you.

The Community Safety Rules Are Simple

Know your neighbors, be a leader in the community and watch out for shady things. Good luck and we hope that social media can open up a few more relationships to make your neighborhood a closer, warmer, and safer place to live!



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