Best Drone Landing Pads for All Your Droning Needs


Maybe you have one, or know someone who does. If so, you’ve probably seen drone landing pads, mats, and platforms. The popularity of drones has spiked in recent years with drone racing, using drones for photography, just for fun, or as part of many companies’ dream to realize drone package delivery. A couple years ago, the FAA gave Amazon a certificate allowing them to begin testing the concept of delivery by drone. At the same time, Google had started testing drone deliveries in Australia, and more recently delivery trials have expanded to the UK with Amazon conducting its first private deliveries in December of last year. 

Amazon Delivery Drone


By 2020, the FAA predicts about 7 million drones over the United States, with the greatest rate of growth in the commercial sector as companies like Amazon realize their dreams. Drone deliveries are the way the wind’s blowing, so to speak, and according to the BBC drones could deliver up to 99% of all of Amazon’s packages. Jeremy Clarkson presents a video showing how this technology works. Pay attention to the very end of the video and you’ll see the drone landing on a special Amazon landing pad. This pad tells the drone where to land and ensure a safe, clear landing zone. For deliveries in areas where landing is impossible, and to keep the expensive drones safely out of reach, Amazon just patented a delivery method of dropping packages with parachutes. That said, a landing pad is extra important for protecting your valuable drone from flying debris and dirty landings. Of course, we here at Package Guard are excited about all things delivery, and so we’ve rated the top 5 drone landing pads.


Best Drone Landing Pad #1 

RCstyle Protective Fast-fold Drone Landing Pad

This landing pad is waterproof, foldable, and high quality.  The back side has the same design, but is black with orange patterns instead of orange with white patterns. This drone comes with a carrying case so that you can move it around easily enough. Plus, the inner hexagon lights up in the dark and provides a great target for nighttime landings.

RCstyle Protective Fast-fold Drone Landing Pad

Best Drone Landing Pad #2

Hoodman Drone Launching and Landing Pad

The Hoodman Drone Pad is also waterproof, an important feature since you might be setting your pad out on a wet lawn. The really great feature of this is a weighted perimeter which helps keep the pad in place during takeoffs and landings. This one comes in two sizes, 3 feet and 5 feet, depending on the size of your drone.

Hoodman Drone Launching and Landing Pad

Best Drone Landing Pad #3

FlatHat 32” Collapsible Drone Pad

This pad is a bit smaller, at 2.5 feet in diameter. A smaller target helps you learn to land more accurately and precisely while still providing good protection from flying debris. Instead of a weighted perimeter, this pad uses stakes to hold the pad down. This pad does not claim to be waterproof, but it’s also foldable and easy to carry around (weighing just under a pound).

FlatHat 32 Collapsible Drone Pad

Best Drone Landing Pad #4

PGY Protective Fast-fold Landing Pad

This drone pad is also waterproof and is designed, like the first one with the DJI Mavic drone in mind. This pad is 43” laying out flat and about 16” when folded. The two colors are either side of the pad. Again, this pad uses stakes to secure it to the ground and comes with a nice carrying case to help you keep it all together.

PGY Protective Fast fold Landing Pad

Best Drone Landing Pad #5

Sunfyre Tek Ecofriendly Landing Pad

Unlike the other pads we’ve looked at here, this pad is square and rolls up for storage instead of folding. Instead of being just some sort of fabric, this pad is waterproof fabric and eco-friendly natural rubber. This is a smaller pad (only 22”), but all the more reason to practice your accuracy. Its added thickness helps protect drones from hard landing while at the same time keeps the pad from blowing away.

Sunfyre Tek Ecofriendly Landing Pad

These are all great landing pads and we’re going to see more enter the marketplace as this industry grows. The Package Guard can and will be one of the best new drone landing pads entering the market this fall. Sign up below to be the first to receive exclusive sales and promotions as we launch this amazing product.


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