To Catch a Porch Pirate

Package Guard Customer theft prevention story

How one homeowner dealt with his Stolen Package

Homeowner and Package Guard customer, Terry Liu, went to great lengths to catch a thief and stop package theft from happening at his home and throughout his neighborhood. After he experienced a package theft and captured video footage of porch pirate with the getaway car (see videos below) from his home security network, he immediately called police. However, because the license plate was not visible, the police couldn’t do much to catch the porch pirate.  That’s when Terry decided to take matters in his own hands,

“We shared this with three local TV news station’s, Facebook, Reddit, school groups around us, Wechat, Whatsapp, and as many friends as we could.”

The Package Guard caught up with Terry and here’s what he had to say about his package theft experience. 

  • How many packages have you had stolen?
    • One too many
  • What were some of the items stolen?
    • A small purse of value less than $30
  • Did you ever catch the package thief / thieves?
    • We’re still looking for them!
  • Tell us about the most recent incident when you caught the thief on camera?
    • We were able to catch the thieves on video, but as we only had caught the face of the thief and not a license plate, the police came and got a report and that was it.
  • What happened after you shared the video with the local news and social media?
    • I posted on Facebook and other local media. However, I will say that my Facebook video received the most likes I’ve ever had.
  • Has package theft happened to your neighbors as well?
    • I did hear of other neighbors who had their packages stolen as well
  • What measures are you taking to stop package theft?
    • Sending stuff to work versus to home
  • What would you say to these porch pirates?
    • I feel sorry for them to spend trolling around the neighborhood to steal another person’s package
  • What are you doing as a neighborhood in trying to slow down package theft?
    • Passed out flyers with his picture to immediate neighborhood block and tried to see if anyone had caught his license plate
  • When did you first notice this was a problem?
    • Just recently
  • If you could waive a magic wand, what would be your best solution to package theft.
    • Deterrence I think is the best thing. I would post larger signs that camera is on premise. I think a loud noise might at least deter the thief or drop the package.

Increasing Home Deliveries

With home deliveries increasing so will package theft and as you can see, people will go to great lengths to protect packages and catch the porch pirates who steal them. This is why we invented the Package Guard. To stop porch pirates for good! Learn more now.




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