6 Things you can do to Prevent Package Theft

  1. Require signatures on deliveries. If you’re ordering products to be shipped companies might ship with signature confirmation options. This is particularly true for high-value packages. Additionally, many carriers require a signature confirmation (sometimes at the discretion of the driver). You can choose to override this option, but by requiring signatures, you make sure that someone is there to sign for the package.
  2. Sign up for accounts with the common carriers (USPS, FedEX, and UPS). By signing up for accounts, you can get access to more detailed tracking information and provide special instructions for the drivers. For instance, you can provide a neighbor’s address where drivers might try if you’re not home or make requests to hold the package before it goes out for delivery.
  3. Pay attention to the tracking. Often the tracking information that carriers provide, especially UPS and FedEx can give you a pretty precise ETA for your package. The increased reliance on software and tracking that improves the carriers’ efficiency can also benefit you.
  4. Use a locker or access point. Amazon and FedEx provide lockers located in many neighborhoods where you can sign up to have packages delivered. These are similar to post office boxes. Instead of delivering to your home, the carriers will deliver to these lockers. You can also ship packages from these lockers by printing a shipping label online. UPS provides Access Points or local businesses that have signed up to receive and hold packages. You can sign up and have your packages delivered there. While not as convenient as having packages delivered to your home, it is more convenient than having your package stolen
  5. Install a package locker on your porch. Many companies make special lockers that you put on your porch. The carriers put your packages in the locker (if they fit). They provide a huge benefit regarding security, but they are fairly large, cumbersome, and can be hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  6. Invest in a Package Guard to prevent package theft. We might be biased, but we think this is one of the better solutions. It’s much more affordable and less cumbersome than a locker (who wants a huge steel box in front of their house) but provides a good deal of security. While it’s still possible to have a package stolen, you’ll be alerted right away, and since package theft is a crime of opportunity, it’s enough of a deterrent to eliminate that opportunity.



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