Six Stages of Lost Package Grief

Six Stages of Lost Package Grief

Finally, your package has been delivered, or at least that’s what the tracking says. You can’t wait to check. You rush home after work visualizing the brown box sitting happily on your porch. As you arrive, you see the porch empty.

  1. Denial
    You pull out your phone and check the tracking number. Deliver is confirmed. You look around your porch. Maybe the driver was careless or the box fell off the porch. No. You look around the sides of the house and in the shed. Perhaps the driver was careful. No. It’s not there. There’s no note on the door. Nothing. You think that this can’t be happening.
  2. Anger
    Oh, no, it’s happening. The package was definitely delivered, but it’s not there. Someone must’ve stolen it. You rage. The thief must be caught and brought to justice. You imagine setting up traps and punishment for the dirty thieves. Then you think about the careless driver. Didn’t they think it was a bad idea to leave your package out like that? You’ll call their supervisor. They’ll all pay for what they did to you!
  3. Bargaining
    Maybe there’s something you can do. You consider putting up a reward sign. That could get your package back. The carrier might be able to do something, or the police. There must be some solution, something you can do. You’ll do anything to set things right again. You even consider some hasty prayers, but no luck. Your package is gone.
  4. Depression
    Admit it. The package is gone. It was stolen and there’s not much that can be done about it now. There’s no security in this neighborhood, and you know it. It seems like you can’t trust the delivery company or anyone. Better to not get deliveries anymore, or better yet, build a fence to keep the thieves away. You feel like there’s no hope left. This is the lowest you’ve ever felt.
  5. Acceptance
    Really, the lowest? It was just a package. You realize the contents were probably not worth getting this bent out of shape. It was just some pants and a couple shirts, anyway. Package theft happens all the time. Remember, there were all sorts of reports on the news recently about it. It’s a risk to order things online and have packages delivered to your home, but it’s a risk you’re willing to take. You can’t let a few common crooks ruin your outlook on things.
  6. Package Guard
    Or maybe you could just get a Package Guard and avoid the cycle of mourning altogether. You can feel secure in knowing that packages can be left at your home with a useful deterrent to prevent porch pirates from snatching them. You know there’s a growing problem with package theft, and Package Theft is a good antidote.



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