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20x Your Donation to Help Those in Need

How to 20X your Donation Package Guard is teaming up with b8ta stores on National Package Protection Day (November 29th) to 20x your charitable donations to help keep people on the streets warm this winter. To donate, come in to the b8ta store in U Village in Seattle between 1pm – …


The Essential Top 10 Holiday Home Security Tips

It’s time again for another installment of our holiday home security & safety tips! You might remember our list from last year. Holidays always see a spike in property crime, and so it’s an important time to play it safe and be aware of common risks. The seasonal increase in …


Why Package Alerts are Awesome

In his famed experiments, Ivan Pavlov trained his dogs to associate mealtime with the ring of a bell. Over time, Pavlov found he could elicit an involuntary physical response in his dogs with a simple jingle. Every time his bell rang, the dogs, anticipating a tasty meal, began to salivate. …