Amazon Package not Delivered?

If you’re trying to locate an Amazon package that was not delivered, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done a lot of research and we’re here to help you locate or replace your missing, lost or stolen Amazon package.

In this Guide, you will find information to help you;

  1. Track your package
  2. File a claim if your package is missing
  3. Get a kickback from Amazon if your package is late

Track your Package

If you’re concerned about your package, or if you just want to watch its progress, this is the place to start. Amazon gives you a delivery window and tracking details right on your orders page. Once you place an order with Amazon, tracking is pretty easy.

But first, the order has to be processed. This could take a bit of time depending on whether your order is being fulfilled by Amazon or a third-party seller. If this is an Amazon fulfillment center, and the product is in stock, it will be very fast—usually no more than one business day. If the order is being processed by an Amazon partner, it may take longer. Once the order has been processed, it is shipped using one of the carriers that Amazon contracts with.

Please note: When Amazon gives you a delivery time window, that window includes both the processing time and the shipping time. You can track all of this on Amazon’s website.

Amazon delivery window includes both the processing time and the shipping time

To start tracking your package, navigate to “Your Orders” page. You’ll have to sign in if you’ve not done so already. Once signed in and found your way to that page, you’ll see a list of your orders. Any that are still open and haven’t been delivered will give you an option to track the package.

log into Amazon and go to Your orders to track your package

If Amazon says the package has been delivered, but you don’t have it, you can skip down to the next section of this post to try to figure out where it is. Start by clicking on the Track Package button, and you’ll see a timeline for expected delivery.

Amazon shows you where you are in the process. That makes it easier for you to follow your order. Once the order has shipped and it’s in transit, you’ll get a tracking number. Amazon still provides you with an updated expected delivery date, and they will give you an updated list of tracking details. You can also use the carrier’s tracking number for even more fine-tuned tracking—if the carrier provides that.

How does tracking work?

You’ve probably seen the scanners that UPS or FedEx drivers use when they deliver a package. At each stop along the way, your package gets scanned and their system gets updated. That means you might see a number of entries on tracking details if the package is routed through a number of carrier facilities, or you might see very few if it takes one plane or one truck across the country.

delivery person scanning amazon package on porch

Depending on the carrier’s policy, once the package is out for delivery, it should show up sometime before the end of the business day (sometimes carriers can provide more precise delivery times, but usually only for rushed same-day or overnight shipping).

Pro Tip:

Want immediate tracking updates delivered to your phone? Sign up for SMS Shipment Updates. You can sign up to receive tracking updates on all packages or just for delay updates. This service is only available for orders from and not partner sellers. This is a great trick to keep your package safe because you can get real-time updates that will help you plan to be home to accept the package when it arrives or have someone there to accept it for you.

Missing Amazon Package

Okay, so you’ve tracked your package, and the information says it’s been delivered. First, look around for a note. If the carrier tried to deliver the package and didn’t feel comfortable leaving the package, you’ll have a sticker or note on your door or nearby with more details.

Amazon shipping progress for delivered package

You could always set up a signature release on the carrier’s website, but then if porch pirates strike, you’re out of luck. Otherwise, the decision to leave a package or not is largely left up to the driver’s discretion. Some drivers are more willing to leave a package than others, but often if a driver has a certain number of missing packages on their record, they face pretty serious consequences (like losing their job). Amazon Flex drivers, for instance, can be fired if customers report enough packages (5) missing that the driver marked as delivered.

By now, you’ve had a chance to look around. Did you find a note? The note might tell you where the package was stashed if the driver decided they could find a good place to hide it. More likely, the note will give you some information about when the next delivery attempt will be. You’ll also get a phone number to schedule a pickup or ask questions. Pay attention to this note because after 2 or 3 delivery attempts the package is returned to the sender. Also, be aware that if a delivery attempt was made, you’ll have to wait for the truck (or drone…maybe?) to get back to the carrier facility before you can pick up your package.

Amazon logistics delivery note with directions for locating your package

No note? Look around your property. If you live in an apartment that has one, check the concierge’s desk. They often accept packages. If you live in a house, check around your porch. Sometimes drivers will stash your package:

You’ve done a thorough search of your area, but still no package? Amazon says: do the things we’ve already said.

1. Check that your address is correct.

2. Look for signs that someone tried to deliver the package.

3. See if some clever driver tried to hide your package.

4. Check with your neighbors. You really should be talking to them anyway. Maybe one of them accepted your package.

5. Hurry up and wait. Amazon asks that you wait 36 hours after their service says it’s been delivered. “In rare cases” there might be a day-and-a-half delay between when tracking says it’s delivered and when it’s actually delivered. Yeah, it’s weird. We know.

package placed out of site from porch pirates above the door.vase











Now you’ve done all that, but the package is still missing? There’s a chance porch pirates have struck. Still, there’s no reason to panic! Why? Amazon goes to great lengths to keep you happy and coming back. Amazon has the A-to-Z Guarantee—we’ve got all the info here. Here’s an outline of the process.

  1. Contact the seller. You have to do this before you go any further with any sort of claim. If the seller is a 3rd party seller, you’ll work with them to track the package and figure out where it might’ve gone. Sometimes this means filing a lost package report with the carrier (again, we’ve got some great info about that for each of the major carriers: UPS, FedEx, and USPS).
  2. Keep your cool. Sure, you’ve been waiting for that package, and it’s not there, but don’t take your frustration out on a customer service rep. It doesn’t get the issue resolved any faster.
  3. Hopefully you get some resolution from this process. It might be a bit lengthy, which is why we think it’s much better to spring for that ounce of prevention. But, if you’re not satisfied and you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can take advantage of the A-to-Z Guarantee. This guarantee’s great because it allows Amazon to lean on their sellers to ensure customer satisfaction. Even if the seller doesn’t help, Amazon covers up to $2,500 for qualifying orders.
  4. To submit an A-to-Z claim, you have to wait at least 15 days and no more than 90 days to file. This gives the seller and carrier time to deliver. This guarantee can be used for missing packages, broken or defective products, or if a refund was not issued for a returned order. Amazon assesses the situation and approves or denies your claim accordingly. Their goal is to make you happy.

amazon-a-z-claims sealIf it’s been determined that the package was stolen, then it’s worth filing a report with the police. They almost certainly won’t be able to do anything, but sometimes they track that information. That way they can deploy extra resources to respond to patterns of package theft.

Amazon Package Is Late

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, delivery times are guaranteed. That being said, sometimes deliveries are late. Late deliveries are very rare, and Amazon works very hard to keep you satisfied when this happens.

Your first step is to keep an eye on tracking information. You’ll be able to see where your package is and where it might be held up. You’ll also get an expected delivery date. If that falls outside the window of the guaranteed delivery date, then you can contact customer service for help.  The best way to get good customer service is with a bit of courtesy.  It’ll make your experience better, the issue will be resolved more quickly, and you’ll feel better about the whole thing.

If you read your Amazon Prime contract carefully, you’ll see in the fine print that a late package entitles you to one free month of Prime membership. This only works if everything else with the order was okay. If you missed the order deadline, or delivery attempts were made but you weren’t home to claim your package, or if your payment didn’t go through, then you probably won’t be getting that free month. Amazon won’t let you abuse their system, but if they didn’t meet their delivery promise, they’ll do everything they can to make it up to you.

Beyond the free month, customer service representatives have some discretion about going further to improve your experience. This means they might expedite your shipping or even offer you credit for your troubles if you opt out of expedited shipping.


Long story short: Amazon does a lot to keep you happy, especially if you’re a Prime member. Keep in mind that they provide you with great tracking information to let you see the progress of your order. You just need to visit your orders page, and all that tracking info is right there. Once the order’s on its way, you can follow it until it’s delivered. Amazon works hard to get your deliveries there on time, and if they’re late, they do everything they can to make it up to you. If a package is delivered but missing, Amazon’s got you covered as a Prime member with their A-to-Z Guarantee that allows you to work with the seller and then Amazon to make sure you get what you paid for or you get a refund. Amazon’s customer service game is at the top of the league, so you’re in good hands when you work with them!

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