Free USPS Lost Package Guide

Got a lost or missing package from USPS? Here’s your step by step guide for navigating their system.

Before going any further, USPS requires you to wait 7 days from the original delivery date before filing a claim. So you don’t hit a dead end early on, make sure it has been 7 days past the original delivery date before continuing our free USPS lost package guide. If it has been 7 or more days, continue for the step by step guide!

For our video guide of the claim process, you can watch the full video here:

If you prefer our written guide, continue reading below:


Written Guide

Free USPS Lost Package Guide


Gather all records of purchase including;

Receipts, Tracking numbers, Shipping Details, Description of envelop or box and Contact the seller/ sender to review their resend and refund policy.
If your USPS package was sent by Amazon, Ebay, or others contact them first. They “may” replace it.

You will also need a USPS account. Already have one? You can log in here. If you do not already have one, you will need to create one here.

Reminder: You have to wait seven days from shipping date to file a Missing Mail Search.

Start a Missing Mail Search go here (Perishable food, medications and firearms cannot be returned)

Next set up your account.

Gather all documents and upload, Sender/receiver address, Size and type of envelope or box, Mailing date, Tracking number and a Description of package and contents
NOTE: Files uploaded must be less than 2MB

Was your package insured? If yes, File a Missing Mail Search AND file an Insurance Claim at the same time. If no, File a Missing Mail Search only. Once your package is determined lost or stolen, you can then file a Claim for a refund. Here is how:


Free USPS Lost Package Guide

Enter your tracking information.

Then the date you mailed the item and what type of service you purchased (ex; First Class). Next, indicate whether you purchased insurance for the item. If you did, be ready to have the specifics of that policy and fill out necessary info. Enter where you would like the mail sent to if found (you, the person/business you sent it to or another address entirely). Lastly for this page, enter your personal information (Name, email and phone number). Next you will fill out information about the lost item.

Free USPS Lost Package Guide

Search for the name of the item that was lost or stolen.

If you cannot easily find it in their search, select the closest category which the item would fall under. Read the Missing Mail Search Disclaimer, and if your item isn’t excluded, check the box. Then do the same with their Terms and Conditions. Once you have read through those, select “Continue” to move on. Next, you will describe your item in greater detail.

Free USPS Lost Package Guide

Search for the contents of your lost package.

Again, if not exactly available in their search, select a category that best matches your search. Enter the quantity, brand, color, condition and model+serial numbers if you have them. You should also upload any relevant documentation or information about the item that you have. This could include: Receipts, product description from a website, pictures of the item, delivery notifications and any other information you have available and can be used to identify or value your item or package. Once complete with data entry and uploads, select save progress and continue. This will take you to the final page.

Free USPS Lost Package Guide

Confirm that all information on this page is correct with the item type, address to be sent to and your personal contact information. Once confirmed, check to see that the description of your mail piece is accurate. Once deemed accurate, select “Submit Search” to enter your search.

Continue to monitor your claim for the next seven to ten days.

If USPS determines that they cannot find the package, it will be deemed “Missing” and you can then file a missing package Claim through this link. If they find that the package was delivered, you will have to treat it as a stolen package. If this is the case, check below for further instructions.

Your Package was Stolen

If the USPS has checked their facilities, vehicles and have a record that your mail was delivered, they are not liable to refund your shipping or replacement cost. At this point, you are a victim of mail or package theft, which is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. You are not alone according to a report by Parks Associates 11 million Americans have had a package stolen and more than 33% of Americans are concerned about their packages being stolen.

  1. File a Claim for your loss here
  2. File your Claim within 60 days of being stolen
  3. Wait to see if it is approved by USPS.
  4. Get refund for items and shipping costs (this process can take up to one month.)

You can file a complaint with U.S. Postal Inspector you can call 1-800-275-8777 or email here. USPS has a police force that investigates mail theft.
You can also file a police report with your local city or county. Keep in mind that it isn’t an urgent matter and the report should be done online or through the non-emergency phone line.

NOTE: While neither of these options will help you get your package back; they can help law enforcement better understand and map crime rates in your area. If you paid for third party package insurance, or your homeowner’s insurance covers it, they will require one of the previous reports you already completed and a police report to file a claim.

We hope this made the process easier for you! If you felt our Free USPS Lost Package Guide was helpful, feel free to share it with friends who have had to deal with the same headache of filing a lost package claim.

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Free Amazon Lost Package Guide

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