Research and Statistics: Package Theft and Delivery


Package Guard, Inc worked with Parks Associates, an internationally recognized market research and consulting company specializing in emerging consumer technology products, to release the largest data report in the package theft delivery industry with 5,000 participants.

What was already known:

Industry reports from the August Home Study and the Shorr Package Theft Report as well as general news and trends show people are experiencing package theft at an alarming rate. Further, because packages are usually delivered when no one is home, people worry about the safety of their packages. Given that rate of package theft and worry, the Parks Associate study wanted to find out why weren’t more people taking steps to protect their packages from package thieves aka porch pirates. We also created a fact sheet with all of these sources listing important data points on the package theft industry. Get it here.

What Parks Associates data showed:

Parks Associates study included 5,000 participants, the largest data set to date on this topic, and found that while people are concerned that package theft is happening, most people are not taking steps to protect their deliveries because they believe their neighborhood is safe. But the data also shows porch pirates strike “safe” neighborhoods, so many are dealing with a false sense of security. Package Guard tracks package theft and are continually populating a Package Theft Crime Data Map; the pins demonstrate how widespread the problem is becoming and that few are immune from package theft.

What Package Guard wants to do:

Package Guard team is working to bring peace of mind to home deliveries. We want to stop porch pirates for good! If you get packages delivered to your home, there are several options for protecting them. Package Guard created a comparison chart of all the options available on the market. With a system in place as well as collaborative communication with your neighbors, these criminals can be put out of business.

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Largest Package Theft Research Report