Learn How to Get Package Peace of Mind in 5 Minutes

Get Peace of Mind for your Home Deliveries

Package theft had 11 millions victims last year and 30% of us have had a package stolen from our home. We created the patented Package Guard, a simple to install, inexpensive solution to help slow down the thieves. It gives you guaranteed real time alerts when packages arrive,  can be secured on your front porch and when a package is removed by someone not in your Safe Circle then a 100 Db (very loud) alarm is set off.

Easily secure it to your porch

Guaranteed “real time” alerts when packages arrive

Setup in 5 minutes

Listen what the Media said about Package Guard


“A Frisbee sized disc that might look low-tech, but it’s actually a connected package portal that sends an alert to your phone whenever a delivery arrives at your door.” Jennifer Jolly Oct 2016

NBC Nightly News

“With more deliveries this year than ever before, smart technology like Package Guard is ensuring those precious gifts make it into the right hands during the holidays.” Jo Ling Kent Nov 2016

Protect your Packages in 5 Minutes


At about the size of a Frisbee, (11.75 in or 30 cm) the patented Package Guard is a Wi-Fi enabled device that is simple to setup in less than 5 minutes. The Package Guard is battery operated and will last 6-9 months before replacing batteries.


The Package Guard has guaranteed “real time” alerts for you and your neighbor when each of your packages has been delivered or removed (hopefully not stolen) from your porch. It can also be secured to your porch.


If a package thief (aka “porch pirate”) removes a package or Package Guard without using the Safe Circle app (owners of course have the app) it triggers its loud internal 100db alarm/siren.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the thief take the packages and the Package Guard at the same time?

Answer: Not likely. They could take the Package Guard if it isn’t attached to the porch, but the alarm would sound. You can secure the device to your porch or something on your porch. Secondly, if the device is picked up the alarm will still be activated, with or without packages on top of it.

How does the Package Guard attach to your porch?

Answer: It can be attached to your porch or delivery area. We have provided a lanyard/cable that attaches to the bottom of the Package Guard that you can use to attach it to your porch or something on your porch. This will make it that much harder for a thief to try and steal the device or the packages and the device simultaneously.

Can someone do the Indiana Jones "switcheroo"?

Answer: No, The result would be the same as in Indiana Jones, remember what happened. Even the slightest change in weight will trigger the alarm to go off.

If you take a package off the stack of packages, will the alarm sound?

Answer: Yes it will sound if you take one or any of the packages off the stack of packages.

Can a cat or some animal set it off?

Answer: We have systems in place so a cat or other animal can’t activate it by walking on it or by someone stepping on it accidentally. We can’t say here because we don’t want to thieves to know.

Can someone else take the Package Guard and use it for their house?

Answer: No, only the person who registered the device will be able to use it. Once you submit your email, home address and phone number you would need those credentials to set it up at another house. You can reset it if you decide to give it away to your relatives and get the next version.

What happens if more than one box is stacked and you only take the top one off?

Answer: The alarm will sound since a package was removed.

How heavy of a package (s) can the Package Guard hold?

Answer: It can hold up to 200 lbs or 90 kg “That is a whole lot of package!” and as little as 1 lb or 500 grams.

What is the minimum weight that will activate the Package Guard?

Answer: Currently we have that set at 1 lb or 450 grams but we are still evaluating the correct activation weight.

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