How Does Safe Circle Work?

Neighbors and family can invite each other to receive and share selective “Safe Circle” notifications and alerts to build awareness and safety – it’s your Neighborhood Watch 2.0.

Safe Circle is the digital companion to Package Guard, a smart-alarm that protects your home deliveries. If a theft occurs it alerts your Safe Circle while sounding an 100dB alarm. Together, Safe Circle and Package Guard give you peace of mind knowing you’ll return home to what you expect.

Download Safe Circle & Order Package Guard Today for $69 (Retail $89)

The Media is talking about Package Guard & Safe Circle

NBC Nightly News

“A Frisbee sized disc that might look
low-tech, but it’s actually a connected
package portal that sends an alert to your phone
whenever a delivery arrives at your door.”
Jennifer Jolly, USA Today

“With more deliveries this year than ever before,
smart technology like Package Guard is
ensuring those precious gifts make it into the
right hands during the holidays.”

Jo Ling Kent, NBC Nightly News

Download Safe Circle & Order Package Guard Today for $69 (Retail $89)
Package protection device
US Patent #9,786,141

Next Manufacturing Round Will Ship in Early November!

Build Your Neighborhood Watch 2.0 in Just 5 Minutes


At about the size of a Frisbee, (11.75 in or 30 cm) the Package Guard is a Wi-Fi enabled device that is simple to setup in less than 5 minutes. The Package Guard is battery operated and will last up to 6 months before replacing the batteries.


The Package Guard automatically notifies you and your neighbor if you like via email, app notification, or text when each of your packages have been delivered or removed (hopefully not stolen) from your porch.


If a package thief (aka “porch pirate”) removes a package or the Package Guard without disarming it with the app, it triggers its loud internal alarm/siren. Also, it can be attached to your porch or an object on your porch.