Prank the Pirate

Generally our blog is pretty serious about package theft, but today we’re gonna have some fun and look at videos. If you’ve ever had your package stolen, you probably have contemplated to some degree how you might get revenge. Not only is it an inconvenience and expense to have a package stolen, but it’s also upsetting. Like most theft, it can feel like a violation, and what makes it even worse is that often the police cannot do much for you. At those times, you probably feel like taking the law into your own hands. Well, some people have and pranked would-be porch pirates.

Now, we definitely don’t recommend any of these pranks. There’s always the chance they could go wrong, and you never know who you’re messing with. That said, check out these pranks.

To start, if you’ve got a security camera or if you’re home when the package is being stolen, there’s always the chance you can catch the crook in the act. Sure, not exactly a prank, but this guy got the thief’s wife’s purse and was able to bring him to justice.

You can almost see the guy’s satisfaction when he holds up the woman’s purse. Good job guy! (Again, don’t try this at home! You don’t know how they’ll respond and no package is worth putting yourself in harm’s way.

The most common package theft prank is the ol’ poop-box. Search YouTube for package theft pranks and you’re sure to find many examples. Here’s the idea:

  1. Get an empty shipping box.
  2. Fill the box with dog poo.
  3. Leave that shipping box on your porch for the unsuspecting porch pirate.
  4. Wait!

This is perhaps my favorite.

I suspect the thief might think twice before stealing a package again. Maybe try to smell it first…

Of course, why fill a box with poo when you can fill the box with poo and make it explode when opened. These folks upped the ante doing just that. It’s not just a box full of dog crap. It’s an exploding box of dog crap.

Of course, you can’t really see the explosion, but you can definitely see the driver slam on his breaks and throw that package away.

Unfortunately for us, people haven’t really branched out from the poop-box. It’s a good one and there’s many examples of it, but it seems like they could be more creative (we’re not recommending that you be more creative, though…pranks are risky). So, we’ll leave you with a few videos that have other theft pranks for some variety. Here’s some guys who secretly tied a bike to a stationary object. Here’s a video of people taking the bait:

But people aren’t limiting themselves to exploding boxes and trick bicycles. Here’s one last video of a cell phone prank. They turned the cell phone into a stun gun making for a shocking surprise (bad pun).

Pranks can be fun, and these ones are funny, but we wouldn’t suggest you try these yourself. There’s a chance they could go wrong or someone could get seriously hurt, and that’s just not worth it. Instead, check out The Package Guard and other security strategies we’ve suggested in the past.




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